Our Rooms

We have something to offer every descerning guest

Room 1

Starting from €80 / night

The ground floor room, No.1 has been specifically designed to offer wheelchair users a sympathetic environment, with suitable bed height, large drive in shower and all the little touches here and there to make life easier from a little lower down. With a lovely view over the Koi pond and looking upon the hedge wall, this room offers a very relaxing retreat from the life of St Georges square.

Room 2

Starting from €80 / night

On the first floor we have room No.2, a front facing room, looking directly over the square. This beautiful room offers a taste of the vibrant life, where one can watch the square in full swing from a traditional enclosed balcony, or Galleriji, bathed in tones of orange, the light stone and chunky ceiling beams add a stunning character and feel. Solid wooden furniture, hand made right here in Victoria, is an example of the craftsmanship that can be found all around the building. With an en-suite shower room complimenting the facilities, everything you need is right at hand.

Room 3

Starting from €80 / night

Also found on the first floor is room No.3, a rear facing room, for those who want to leave behind the vibrancy of the square when they walk in the door, leaving the world outside.  Softly lit Gozitan stone walls offer comfort and luxury. More hand made furniture contrasts with the ceiling beams and fittings to give a truly relaxing feel. For that extra touch of luxury, the Victorian inspired bathroom offers both a walk in shower for those in a hurry, or a bath for those looking to take their time.

Room 4

Starting from €80 / night

Room No.4 can be found on the second floor, facing the square. Open the doors out to the balcony and stand high above those below. A delightful space to enjoy your morning coffee, or finish the day with a bottle of chilled wine from the room service menu. 
Shades of cool blue comfort you after that busy day seeing the sights. Sit at the desk and catch up on your emails with the free wifi, or lay back on your Italian made premium mattress and slip away.

Room 5

Starting from €80 / night

Again, to be found at the rear of the building, room No.5 is bathed in soft light, showing off those light coloured stone walls. This room lets you open the windows and look down to the Koi pond below, where the shimmering light passes up the walls and over the flowering panels. With its bath and walk in shower this wet room offers a wonderful, luxurious touch. Your own slice of St. George heaven.

Room 6

Starting from €125 / night

Last, but by no means least, is the very special Penthouse suite, the best that the St George has to offer. Unique to the square, this beautiful area provides you with the best of both worlds. With its beautiful, private terrace overlooking St Georges square from the highest vantage point, you have the most wonderful view over to the Basilica to the left, the Cittadella to the right, and the distant views of the island directly ahead. With a relaxing area both inside and out, the Penthouse offers its guests a space for every type of day you wish to have. Whether its a little time sunbathing on the terrace, or a movie on the couch, the Penthouse is just right – beautiful, spacious & private.